This Lithuanian TLJ included study visits in Vilnius, the capital of the country. Partners were
introduced to SoliTek, a company specialised in solar cells and panels, which aims to optimize the
resource-efficiency of their production processes through LC. They also learnt more about Užstato
Sistemos Administratorius
, the public institution managing the entire deposit refund system for
packaging waste

On 16 January 2020, as part of the first TLJ, the Kaunas University of Technology organised study visits in Vilnius to provide partners and stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the policies and good practices from the Lithuanian perspective.

The two good practices identified are:

USAD - Užstato sistemos administratorius

The first visit took place at the public institution “Užstato Sistemos Administratorius” (Vilnius). They manage the entire deposit system for packaging waste, from collection to recycling. It is a non-profit organisation with the objective of managing the deposit system as indicated in the Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste, founded and managed by directly involved industries.
The mandatory deposit system for beverage packages has been launched in Lithuania on 01/02/2016. The targets for 2025 are already achieved and exceeded. Deposit system allows higher recycling targets, than the container system. Before deposit system introduction PET bottles recycling was below 33%. In the first 3 years the organisation collected 56.000 tonnes of containers (the amount of six Eiffel towers!). 100% collected materials are recycled (which is a very high quality of collected materials, clean and well-sorted).
What do consumers think? 97% of consumers are satisfied in general with functioning of the deposit system for single use-packaging, and 93% of consumers admitted that the introduction of the packaging deposit system encouraged them to regard sorting out of all-type waste with more responsibility.
Since the start of its operation, Lithuania’s deposit system has prevented 152.400 t CO2 emissions.


A company that makes researches, develops, manufactures, sells and installs solar cells & panels, specialised in top quality, EU manufactured Glass-Glass panels and design for rooftops, 100% renewable energy in Manufacturing.  SoliTek plays an important role in the environmental friendly global movement, producing solar panels using only renewable energy, and championing the Glass-Glass solar panel segment, whose production requires less CO2 intense raw materials.

The Lithuanian Incubator of Green and High Technologies (L.I.G.H.T.) hosts SoliTek R&D,
manufacturing & head office in Vilnius, Lithuania.
In 2013 the company has been recognized by German Chamber of Commerce as the “Greenest Industrial Building in Europe”. Production is powered and cooled by renewable energy mix – both solar (150 kW on the roof) and geothermal.

They have started to install residential solar power plants to end customers in 2018. New EU subsidies for the residential market in Lithuania let the solar boom begin. And they are
trying to take a big role in it.

These two examples stimulated LCA4Regions partners and stakeholders to think more deeply about the life cycle dimension of such projects.