Are you a policymaker, managing authority, an expert in LCA methodologies, a private company, a civil society organisation, or just interested in improving environment and resource-efficiency policies?

You can play a role in this innovative journey.

Each partner region is welcoming stakeholders. Join us, become a LCA4regions stakeholder, and contribute to the regional analysis and action plans designing, participate in regional and international events, thematic workshops and transnational learning journeys.

Stakeholders from Spain, Portugal, and Lithuania already joined LCA4Regions during the TLJ in Lithuania: Acciona Energia, GAN-NIK (environmental management of Navarra), EDIA (the public company managing the Alqueva Multipurpose Project), Castro Verde municipality, and last but definitely not least, the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of Lithuania.

You can be the next one to take part in our events, contact the partner closer to you and be part of the change!

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