In June 2020, during the 2nd Transnational Learning Journey of the LCA4Regions project, it was mentioned the innovative Navarra Law on Waste and its Taxation that creates a Waste Fund to finance measures to mitigate the waste-related adverse impacts on human health and the environment.

The new year has come, and Government of Navarra has already approved the distribution of the Waste Fund 2021, EUR 4,35 millions from the tax on landfill disposal and different infractions of the waste regulation. This amount will be distributed among local entities and companies for prevention waste actions, selective collection, preparation for reuse, awareness, communication, support and training on waste, improvement of recycling systems and material recovery of waste. 

The Waste Fund 2021 is divided into three waste streams (domestic, non-hazardous industrial and construction and demolition) and a general section with the amounts established hereunder: 

  • Domestic waste flow: EUR 2,063,370 for subsidies to local entities that have the responsibility of collecting, transporting or managing domestic waste and that have contributed to the generation of the Waste Fund for this concept. This amount will be distributed between actions related to prevention and selective collection - EUR 1,790,000 and actions related to their management - EUR 273,370.
  • Other non-hazardous waste flow: EUR 1,238,250 for subsidies to companies for the execution of prevention projects, preparation for the reuse and recycling of industrial waste.
  • Construction and demolition flow and excavated natural materials: EUR 625,250 for subsidies to companies and local entities for optimization and improvement of the recycling and recovery systems of this waste.
  • Actions of a general nature and environmental urgency: EUR 424,515. 

2020 was the first time that the Waste Fund was launched, and distributed EUR 491,644. It was assigned to 13 local entities to develop communication and awareness actions among the population, acquisition of equipment for selective collection, installation of clean points and furniture.