To receive feedback on the work done so far, to talk about the local policy instruments regarding LCA, to share at local level the lessons learnt during the TLJ, or to discuss with relevant actors life cycle approches to use resources more efficiently and protect the environment, LCA4Regions partners organised meetings with their local stakeholders.

Due to the different COVID-19 measures enforced in the partners' countries, some of these meetings took place online. Others were luckier and could meet in person. In all the case, fruitful discussions took place as you can discover in the reports.

Navarra's stakeholders met on 25 September to discuss waste and material flows. Several good practices to minimise materials and prevent waste going to landfill were presented.

A month before, a similar meeting happened in Satakunta. The online event was mainly about sharing views and ideas about good practices and the content of the 3rd TLJ.

The third meeting of Lombardy's Stakeholder group - the first one with a widened group - also took place virtually, on 13 October. Participants discussed 8 good practices identified on life cycle approach and reflected on how these examples can provide useful hints for using LCA in policy making. They prepared together the 3rd TLJ. Stakeholders met again in January and got introduced to the new Lombardy Region’s technical assistance. They also welcomed a new pear and took stock of the coming activities for 2021.

On 8 September, the Slovenian National Institute of Chemistry gathered its stakeholders to take the stock of what is happening in Slovenia to spread life cycle thinking. Another meeting will take place on 26 January.

The Lodzkie Region invited twice its stakeholders: on 23 September and 3 December. The first meeting showed opportunities offered by circular economy and the use of LCA in enterprises. To take advantage of synergies with other circular economy projects, Lodzkie gathered in one place the stakeholders of 3 projects: LCA4Regions, REPLACE  and Local Government Center for Circular Economy - Łódzkie GREEN HUB (Regional Operational Program of the Lodzkie Region 2014-2020). Additionally, 6 invited experts participated in the meeting. The second event was part of the 13th European Economic Forum in Lodz. The main topic was eco-design in the framework of sustainable business. The aim of the meeting was to discuss and show opportunities offered by circular economy and the use of LCA taking into account eco-design issue.

Similar meetings with stakeholders took place in Baixo Alentejo twice, in November and January, and in Kaunas in December.