The food sector is one of the most impactful on the planet. From the food “highways” that allow us to consume Canadian-grown lentils to the tons of food that is wasted each year. Food greatly contributes to the global environmental footprint.

What can we do to fight it?

A first step is to reduce our own environmental footprint and for this, we have to start being more conscious consumers.

To help us on this task, Fundación Vida Sostenible (FVS) has developed the ComidAprueba app (available only in Spanish).

With this tool FVS seek to raise awareness about how the decisions we make every day in our kitchens and markets influence our footprint. With small changes and the appropriate information, we can improve it.

How does the ComidAprueba app work?

With ComidAprueba you will be able to measure the impact that the food you consume have on the planet as well as access recipes that give you ideas to reduce your food waste. In addition, information about those ingredients you consume regularly.

The app allows you to know the carbon, water and resource use footprint of a specific food or the different ingredients of a dish. You need to select the ingredients, its quantity, origin and even, if you want, the way it is cooked.

This way of selecting food makes us stop to look at their labels and origins, reflect on the distances they travel from their origin to our hands, as well as on our way of cooking.

Playing with the types of ingredients and the quantities, we can also see how a simple change of ingredients or proportions in our dishes can help us reduce our footprint.

Another important part of the ComidAprueba app is the recipes book.

In the world a third of the food produced is wasted, this negatively affects the planet because behind this food there is a use of resources, emissions and work. As important is to buy more sustainable food as not to let it end up in the trash.

With the recipes is sought to give ideas for those foods forgotten in the fridge, as well as tips to reuse some parts of food that are normally dismissed.

In addition, as FVS believes in the importance of an informed consumer, in each recipe you can find small capsules of environmental information on the ingredients used, from the information that we must look for when buying fish, to the season of fruits and vegetables or the problems that involves the production of some foods in their places of origin.

Where can I download ComidAprueba?

The app is completely free and is available for both iOS and Android devices. Start using it for your Christmas menu!

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