The Department of Rural Development and Environment (DRMA) of the Government of Navarra, partner in the LCA4Regions project, has shared a report about the carbon footprint of its activity with the employees. The aim is to know the greenhouse gas emissions of the main building, monitor the impact on the climate, make it known to all staff, and promote climate-friendly habits in the workplace and access to it, that is, the mobility.

The Carbon Footprint is the sum of the total greenhouse gases emitted by direct or indirect effect through our activity. In 2018, the footprint of the main building of the department was 59 Tn CO2. In 2019, the footprint decreased to 48 Tn CO2, 19% lower than in 2018. It is estimated that this was mainly due to a warmer winter than the previous one.

In addition to the DRMA building, other departments of the Government of Navarra are going to calculate their carbon footprint. These studies will help to become aware of the impact on the climate and facilitate to implement measures and investments in efficiency and in renewables.

Source Government of Navarra and GAN-NIK