Public housing buildings from the 60's-80's often have high energy needs. To achieve energy and emission performance of higher standards, the Lombardy Region has decided to mainly focus on these buildings and support their energy deep retrofitting including sustainable and bio-architecture solutions.

As a result, 26 photovoltaic system, 24 PV storages, 22 remote monitoring/management systems, 11 de-sealing of pertinential soil, and 1 home automation system were installed. This led to an overall energy savings in terms of reducing the global non-renewable primary energy demand of around 6.4 GWh/year and a new installed electricity power from Renewable Energy Source of P=256 kWp.

Discover all the steps taken by Lombardy Region in the Good Practice "An ongoing measure of energy retrofit and sustainable renovation of public housing building stock".


Photo by Brandon Griggs on Unsplash