The LCA4Regions Stakeholder group meeting took place virtually, with a significant participation of stakeholders.

After a quick overview on the role of the Stakeholder Group in the project and on the general project objectives and approach, done by the project responsible, Elisabetta Confalonieri, the project manager, Alessandro Dacomo summed up the level of development of the project activities and introduced the good practices sessions.

Good practices section

Firstly, Valentina Sachero, policy officer in the Unit Climate change and Air quality, briefly presented the Semester 2 good practice “An ongoing measure for building renovation and energy efficiency of public housing buildings (SAP)”, just submitted to the Lead partner for the PLP database.

Then, the good practices identified in Semester 3 thanks to the networking activities done by the Stakeholder Group were presented by their owners:

•    Scarto 0  Project - use of by-products of cutting materials from the ornamental marble quarries in Carrara for the construction of the multifunctional platform in Vado Ligure – presented by Edoardo Vernazza (San Colombano Costruzioni S.P.A)

•    Cantiere Green – presented by Elena Stoppioni (Save the Planet ONLUS)

•    Life cycle costing of construction and demolition waste management system -presented by Federica Carollo (Politecnico di Milano)

•    Waste to Resource value chain optimization through the application of the Life Cycle Assessment methodology to the regional management system of construction and demolition waste (CDW)- presented by Sara Pantini (Politecnico di Milano)

•    Admixtures for bituminous conglomerates – presented by Marco Mazzetti (Mapei s.p.a.)

•    Environmental Passport for the agricultural and food products of the Montagna Vicentina – presented by Alessandro Marson (University of Padua)

•    Land Clearing and Construction Material Recovery – presented by Margherita Finamore (Comune di Pesaro)

•    Several projects and initiatives with contents pertinent with the project activities and objectives presented by Francesca Ceruti (ENEA)

CNR-ITC presented then a summary of the experience had and the work done in a past important research subject: “Tools for promoting sustainability in the construction field”, carried out at national level, aimed mainly at developing the first Italian LC Inventory database for materials and product for building.

This presentation stimulated an interesting debate, in particular among other stakeholders currently involved in developing data bases for LC (GBC Italia and ENEA), envisaging a potential collaboration into LCA4Regions on this topic.

TLJ3 Sections

In the second session of the meeting the up-coming TLJ3 was presented to the Stakeholder, giving particular attention to introduce the partner who organises it, the good practice session and the peer review session.

The good practices presented by the other partner were then quickly described.


In the end the procedure to formally set up the Stakeholder Group was presented to the stakeholder

The meeting was fruitful, with more than 20 attendees, including the official LCA4Regions Stakeholders, policy officers and GP owners (companies, associations, Universities).