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Reading suggestion: managing waste is measuring it


The first step in managing plastic waste is measuring it – here’s how we did it...

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Behind LCA4Regions. Q&A


The first semester is ending but you might have questions on LCA4Regions, its...

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From theory to practice #2 Lithuanian study visits


This Lithuanian TLJ included study visits in Vilnius, the capital of the...

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Let’s leave the floor to stakeholders!


My name is Peio Basail and I am Industrial Environment Manager at Acciona...

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From theory to practice #1 Lithuanian case studies


As part of the TLJ, KTU introduced two case studies during the workshop “From...

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The first TLJ is over! But.. what is a TLJ?


The Transnational Learning Journeys represent the core of LCA4Regions.

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TLJ outline: the adventure just started


Partners of LCA4Regions went to the field to experiment how life-cycle approach...

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First TLJ for LCA4Regions: let the journey begin


The first Transnational Learning Journey (TLJ) will take place on 15 and 16...

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LCA4Regions got local


TLJ concluded, but how did we get until here? Partners organised regional...

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LCA4Regions from A to Z!


The LCA4Regions leaflet has been published!

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Fruitful event working on regional SWOT analysis


Last Friday was carried out in Navarra a productive SWOT analysis regarding life...

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1st Regional Dissemination Event in Satakunta


Stakeholders gathered around LCA and regional policies

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