From 25 to 27 May, the partners of the LCA4Regions project joined together on the 4th transnational learning journey (TLJ) to exchange life cycle experiences in public procurement. There were 3 intense sessions of which we are convinced will have a great impact in Navarra, both in the preparation of the Green Public Procurement Plan and in future tenders by public administrations.

On Friday 11 June from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., we want to convey this knowledge to stakeholders in Navarra. We will explain what green public procurement is and why to use it, what regulatory actions are being carried out in Slovenia and Finland, and specific tenders will be presented from the project partners: Navarra, Lithuania, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia and Poland. Subsequently, the CPEN Purchasing Director will comment on what type of green contracting they carry out and which ideas they have taken from the event of the TLJ to apply them in the future. The meeting will conclude with a debate on the barriers and challenges of public purchasing in Navarra.


11:00 Presentation of the LCA4Regions project
11:10 What is green public procurement and why use it?
11:15 Summary of the exchange of experiences on green public procurement in LCA4Regions
           • Green public procurement in Slovenia
           • The green clause: collaborative platform with environmental criteria (France)
           • Examples of good green public procurement practices in Navarra, Lithuania, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia and Poland.
           • KEINO Innovation and Green Public Procurement Center (Finland)
           • Life cycle thinking in European policies
12:15 Green public purchase at the Navarra Public Companies Corporation (CPEN) - Dynamic vehicle acquisition system for Public Companies of the Government of Navarra
12:20 Discussion:    
          • Good practices to apply in your field
          • Comment on good practices that you know
          • Barriers and challenges of green public procurement
          • Criteria that could be included in tenders
12:45 Next steps of the project: Training and life cycle training.

You can join the meeting through the following link.