Many certainties have fallen apart in this pandemic period and there is a greater need for change. Partners from the LCA4Regions firmly believe that the integration of life cycle thinking in regional decision-making is more important than ever.

It is time to share experiences on life cycle approaches and public procurement tools after the first learning voyage in Lithuania, 2nd in Navarra (SP) and 3rd in Satakunta (FI). Because of COVID-19, it is not possible to perform the exchange of experiences in Slovenia, so we hope that you can participate in this 3-day event and spread life cycle thinking together with us!

25th May 2021 10.00h –12.35h (CET) - LCA4Regions – LCA in public procurements

The 1st session of this 3-days event will start with a chronology of the activities undertaken in Slovenia to adopt the legislation in the field of green public procurement and the use of life cycle methodologies in particular life cycle costing. Additionally, “La clause verte” will be presented, a collaborative initiative to write green clauses and tender directives for public procurements.

26th May 2021 10.00h –12.40h (CET) - LCA good practices on public procurement

Several good practices from partners regions: Navarre (SP), Kaunas (LT), Satakunta (FI), Baixo Alentejo (PT), WesternSlovenia (SI), Lombardy (IT) and Lodzkie (PL) will be presented. In addition, the main features of the Slovenian public procurement portal will be described, and some case studies on the preparation of tender documentation and submission to the portal.

27th May 2021 10.00h –12.40h (CET) - Case studies& Peer review

The sesion will start with a presentation of the KEINO platform and some general views about public procurement in Finland. It will follow an update presentation about life cycle approaches and green public procurement in Europe. A broader knowledge of Slovenia will be presented with an overview of its policy context. This exchange of experience will be concluded by a peer review that gathers ideas for developing the future action plan in Slovenia.

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