The paper "Better governance of urban mobility by exchange of experience and evaluation of best practices" deals with the synthesis of the best practices in 6 European regions considered by the LAST MILE project. The synthesis is based on the evaluation, which is a systematic collection and scrutiny of information about the activities, characteristics, and outcomes of implemented last mile actions to make judgements about their impact, improve their effectiveness, assess their transferability and inform decisions about future programming. It is important to extract the “lessons learned” from experiences so that the regional/local administrations can develop further solutions in the transport and mobility areas. The “Synopsis of Best Practices”, elaborated by CSDCS, summarizes the collected information during the study visits in target regions for analyzing the sustainable transport networks and existing flexible transport systems (sharing/pooling/shuttle/call systems) in rural areas in different European countries. The 6 regions analyzed are: Varna District in Bulgaria, Upper Sûre Nature Park in  Luxemburg, East Tyrol in Austria, Košice Region in Slovakia, Westpomeranian Voivodeship (with main focus on Szczecin Metropolitan Area) in Poland and Catalonia in Spain.