The implementation of the action plan grows successfully in the region of East Tyrol.

Beside a successful implementation of two new community busses with volunteer drivers and two new e-carsharing locations in rural municipalities in East Tyrol for linking the last mile, the implementation process for a new small-scale FTS with a hailed-shared taxi both for residents and tourists was initiated. The RMO acts as initiator, moderator and coordinator of this action. After a call for tender, a survey for the state of the art and users` mobility needs (tourists, residents and commuters) is currently elaborating. A concept for the small-scale FTS will be presented soon. Afterwards, a decision will be made how a first test operation could look like and when an operation is predictable. This action is a multi-level-cooperation between the regional government of Tyrol, local tourism enterprises, two municipalities and the regional tourism organisation. The new offer shall strengthen the quality and efficiency of public transport lines and ensures accessibility especially during off-peak times of the day.

A follow-up project from LAST MILE, the Interreg Central Europe project SMACKER could be approved and so it enables to finance further measures from the action plan, in particular human recourses for managing the implementation of new e-carsharing locations in the region. Also, the action for awareness raising and the mobility trainings with professional mobility coaches to train employees in tourism business to support the public and flexible transport promotion process can be forwarded thanks to this new Interreg Central Europe project.

More information about the project SMACKER: