One option how to make public transport more attractive is to have an infrastructure of a good quality where the public transport can operate. The Kopanecka road is an important element of the tourist infrastructure of the Slovak Paradise National Park and improves the accessibility of the resorts for tourists in the south of the national park. In 2018 the road was reconstructed and was officially opened on 14th June 2018. The renovation of this transport way enables a high-performanance public transport through the Slovak Paradise National Park. This is in line with an introduction of a seasonal fast bus line through Kopanecka road. This line will connect the north and the south part of the Slovak Paradise and will shorten the travel time. During the summer season of 2018, the Destination Management Organization of Slovak Paradise in cooperation with the public transport provider introduced a transport service through the Kopanecka road by minibus in order to gain statistical data. The statistics showed its importance for tourists. In general, the interest in traveling by this connection was reasonable, even though the numbers of passengers were quite weather-dependent. This line will include the possibility of transporting bicycles on a bike trailer in the future to reach a broader public. Busses equipped with bike trailers will operate only during the highest tourist season.