Off the summer season 2019 the bus lines 535 and 620 with the destination Upper Sûre Lake will run hourly on sundays. Thanks to the request formulated in the frame of the LAST MILE regional action plan and the negociations with the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, this new seasonal service can be offered in the Upper Sûre Nature Park (LU). The objective is to have more tourists using public transport instead of their cars, by creating an attractive mobility offer. The new service will start June, 1st and last until September, 1st, which is the main swim and hiking season around the Upper Sûre Lake.
By offering more services at the beaches around the lake like Food Trucks and community grills, people do not have to bring their own grills and picnic with them. In the past large baggages hindered them for taking public transport modes. At the same time a large communication campaign is organised to inform people about the new offer.