On November 2017,  LAST MILE was invited to Ravenna to participate in a workshop of the project InnovaSUMP, dealing with innovative approaches to Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP).
The City of Ravenna, project partner of InnovaSUMP, has organized a workshop with the main topic of “Visitor Mobility at Tourist destinations” to integrate sustainable tourism mobility in SUMPs. LAST MILE was invited to give inputs how to deal with the last mile in the tourism chain. Though LAST MILE is dealing with – mainly – remote areas, the concept of flexible transport modes can be transferred to urban areas as well, e.g. for suburban areas with lower density or for times with lower demand like night or weekend. Agnes Kurzweil from the Environment Agency Austria, the Lead Partner organization, presented the first outcomes of the analyses of LAST MILE and possible solutions of flexible transport modes, highlighting some good examples of the partner regions which were visited in the past study visits.

The exchange of the two projects was a good example for fruitful capitalization between two European projects.