Project good practices

Nostalgic train – rides to beauties of Košice region and...

Summary: Nostalgic train is an alternative to individual car to visit touristic attractions by public transport in the areas where regular railway transport was stopped.

Location: Východné Slovensko, Slovakia (Slovensko)

CykloTour Spiš - Tourist bike rental system

Summary: The bike rental system within the national park helps to overcome the last mile of tourists that are not prepared for long hiking trails.

Location: Východné Slovensko, Slovakia (Slovensko)

Seaside Narrow Gauge Railway as a touristic mobility offer

Summary: Seaside Narrow Gauge Railway in Rewal Municipality is aimed at combining the tourism potential of the area with the railway mobility offer.

Location: Zachodniopomorskie, Poland (Polska) - Flexible bike rentals for tourists

Summary: The BalticBike system was developed in response to the growing demand and expectations of tourists to increase ways of mobility in the tourism region.

Location: Zachodniopomorskie, Poland (Polska)

DefMobil - a hailed shared taxi for an alpine valley

Summary: DefMobil: The hailed shared taxi meets local mobility needs and links the last mile for residents and tourists

Location: Tirol, Austria (Österreich)

FLUGS e-carsharing

Summary: Flugs e-carsharing as an innovative flexible mobility offer to introduce sharing mobility and replace the second car in the households of rural areas

Location: Tirol, Austria (Österreich)

4x4 Shuttle Taxi services at Aigüestortes National Park

Summary: Taxi drivers association in the Boi Valley offers a transport service from the regional center to the National Park by 4x4 vehicles.

Location: Andalucía, Spain (España)

Train with stops on demand from Lleida to la Pobla (High...

Summary: The train with stops on demand connecting Lleida to La Pobla was launched to develop a sustainable tourist model and to facilitate mobility for inhabitants.

Location: Cataluña, Spain (España)

Flexible tourist mobility at micro level

Summary: The practice describes the initiative of Byala municipality to launch seasonal flexible transportation to visitors - open air e-shuttle and phaetons with horses

Location: Северен централен, Bulgaria (България)

Making public transport more attractive by a fast seasonal bus...

Summary: The fast seasonal bus line 209 has 10 stops and goes from the airport (with a stop at city centre close to the railway station) directly to the resort area.

Location: Северен централен, Bulgaria (България)

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