On November 15th 2017, the Regional Administration Varna will hold their second LAND-SEA regional stakeholder meeting. It will include representatives of the organizations that provide activities to municipalities, tourism SMEs and NGO, connected with tourism, as well as flood and landslide prevention, organizations, carrying out scientific research in the field of eco-tourism.
The general goals of the meeting will be:
•    To consult stakeholder groups on the measures and incentives for better planning of the interregional conference in Varna, set for the period 13-15.12.2017.
•    To discuss on neuralgic points in the Region (landslides, floods), connected with threats for the ecotourism development of the coastal line: the achievements in overcoming these threats and some “on the spot” solutions
•    To discuss specifics of the local stakeholders and the public private partnership for preventing and solving these challenges 
•    To secure the involvement of stakeholder groups in the regional action plans in terms of collecting the input of stakeholder groups.
Representatives of Geo protection organizations, regional administration, water basin management authorities are invited.