Catalonia is a region with significant natural heritage and great biological landscape. A rocky landscape of unique beauty, rich in caves, cliffs, and small islands and important underwater biodiversity. Miles of coastline with charming and incredible views are situated some of the most spectacular treasures and must-see places in Catalonia that waiting to be explored are all around you.
We took the challenge and head-on to explore the beauty of The Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter Natural Park, Catalonia.
An exceptional natural park with a great richness of flora and fauna and  A unique treasure in the heart of Catalonian nature.  The territory has different degrees of protection: an integral nature reservation for the area of the Medes Islands due to their high environmental value and peripheral protection for marine life in the surrounding area of the Medes Islands natural park. The partners met a representative of the Natural Park. A presentation was held about the tourist activities and strategic measures to improve the landscape impact caused by tourism growth.
During the study visit we got familiar with two important European funded projects:
 #Sepiaproject2016 with its concrete actions for the conservation of the fishing resource. An initiative that began in the Natural Park of Montgrí, the Illes Medes and Baix Ter (Girona) - which seeks to recover populations of cuttlefish and squid. The Sepia Project is an action plan in which the club participates and whose main objective is to facilitate the reproduction of cephalopods such as squid, cuttlefish at the coast near L’Escala.