What are the challenges and the opportunities for ecotourism in the coastal landscape that partners are facing?  These were one of questions which were raised in the framework of the fifth thematic seminar organized by the host partner BCNecologia as part of the Land - Sea Project meeting.
The event brought together representatives of the regional governments, experts and stakeholders to share ideas for strategic planning and integration of tourism in natural areas.
Good practices and exchange of experience were exchanged by partners and were focused mainly on different types of carrying capacity of the coastal territory related to tourism, strategic planning measures and challenges for ecotourism: ecological, psychological, sociocultural, infrastructural and management. Each partner also gave an individual presentation, strategies examples, and measures implemented by partners.
The event was followed by a series of discussions with a practical approach with the participation of all partners and with relevant stakeholders.
The meeting ended inspired by the famous Mahatma Gandhi quote “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.