A strategic meeting in the frame of the LAND - SEA project in the City of Hamburg

Hamburg has various interests into the areas of flood protection, coastal management and tourism. Many examples could be found within the city. Starting with the HafenCity - a relatively new quarter of the city built in front of the dykes with a huge with a huge acceptance by tourists. New ways have to be found to protect houses, inhabitants and visitors.
Flood protection buildings have to be integrated into the everyday life of inhabitants and tourists.
These achievements and other – form the Bulgarian, Italian and Spanish partners will be discussed.
The LAND – SEA partners will focus on two important topics during the meeting 17-19.09.2018 – flood protection – during the first day and coastal protection and ecological preservation, as well as tourism on the second.
All partners will contribute with good practices about the mentioned topics and work towards finalizing discussions on the elaboration of the regional analyses.