Project good practices


Summary: Creation of a euroregional network of business incubators to stimulate innovation and to support economic development.

Location: Midi-Pyrénées, France

The Intellectual Property mission at Regional Agency for Economic...

Summary: Accompaniment of SMEs on IP questions and above all for building an IP strategy in a company

Location: Midi-Pyrénées, France

Evaluation of intangible assets, providing financial support for...

Summary: Making full value of good ideas by leveraging intellectual assets for financing SMEs in South East Europe

Location: Dél-Dunántúl, Hungary (Magyarország)


Summary: Public procurement of innovative solutions

Location: Közép-Dunántúl, Hungary (Magyarország)

Smart Factory Hub

Summary: Improving RD and business policy conditions for transnational cooperation in the manufacturing industry.

Location: Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)


Summary: Open Data for European Open iNnovation

Location: Veneto, Italy (Italia)

ecoINSIDE - Crossborder green business innovation project

Summary: Creating a world class bordercrossing innovation system

Location: Oslo og Akershus, Norway (Norge)

Mental border obstacles

Summary: Sweden and Norway face challenges to increase business collaboration between them. What mental border obstacles hinder businesses from going cross-border?

Location: Norra Mellansverige, Sweden (Sverige)

Music Innovation Network Inner Scandinavia (MINS)

Summary: MINS focuses on the regional development of the music industry through networks, education and research.

Location: Norra Mellansverige, Sweden (Sverige)

International Pressure Cooker - Knowledge Alliance Rhine-Waal

Summary: Fostering innovation in young enterprises in international context by cooperation of 6 universities, 2 chambers of commerce & public cross-border authority

Location: Köln, Germany (Deutschland)

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