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Let's get started!

By Project KARMA

The successful kick-off meeting of the KARMA project was a milestone that set the stage for fruitful collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Engaging workshops were conducted, providing an interactive platform for brainstorming, problem-solving, and idea generation around a common definition of Circular Construction as well as our Working Group topics (waste management, cultural heritage, governance and cost efficiency). Participants collaborated in multidisciplinary teams, fostering cross-pollination of ideas and fostering innovative thinking. Stakeholders from various backgrounds, including policymakers, experts, and industry representatives, actively participated, sharing their valuable perspectives and expertise.

During the study visit of the Hamburg HafenCity, participants could gain firsthand insights into a huge focus area in construction and building in Hamburg and understand the context in which it operates to be sustainable. 

The kick-off meeting of our project was also graced by a warm reception at the town hall, where the state secretary Almut Möller welcomed project partners with enthusiasm and appreciation for their commitment. This gesture highlighted the significance of the project for the Lead Partner Hamburg and reinforced the strong support and endorsement from the government.

The kick-off meeting not only fostered collaboration but also established a sense of shared purpose and commitment among all participants. It laid the groundwork for effective communication channels and collaboration mechanisms, ensuring smooth coordination throughout the project's lifespan.