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KARMA at the Day of German Unity

By Project KARMA
Presentation of the Karma project

Our project, dedicated to promoting sustainability in the construction sector, took a prominent spot at the festivals Green Stage on 2nd of October. Project Lead, Marie M. Finke, presented the initiative, and the response was highly engaging and informative.

The presentation was well-received. Marie M. Finke provided insights into the KARMA Project's innovative approaches, emphasizing the reduction of resource consumption, waste minimization, and the extension of material lifespan within the construction industry. Attendees were actively engaged in understanding the project's principles and practices.

The question and answer sessions following the presentation were particularly enlightening: attendees asked thoughtful questions about the technical aspects and broader implications of the KARMA Project. 

The KARMA Project's presence at the Green Stage served as a catalyst for discussions on sustainable construction. The event contributed to raising awareness and fostering a genuine interest in adopting sustainable construction practices.

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