During the launching event, a presentation of the project's objective, activities and results was reported to the participants followed by the Critical Mass Development Model as described by the project leader and the presentation of the (initial) regional analysis of the current situation with the focus on the identification of the region's stringent water sector needs were introduced to the participants.

Moreover, the North-East RDA proposed the stakeholder association into one Regional Consultative Group on Water Sector took place; therefore, the advantages and responsibilities of representatives of this Group have been highlighted. The objective of setting up this regional consultative group is to support the introduction of the Critical Mass Development Model for water technologies within the relevant regional actors, to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge for the roadmaps and action plan and to promote water partnership projects at regional and international level. 

Also, “Lessons learnt for my region” presentations were held by the stakeholders that participated at the 1st project meeting and study visit in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The two presenters were making a correlation among the existent situation in our region and the situation in the field visit. 

“We hope that, with the help of this Regional Consultative Group in the Water sector, North East RDA will bring together the private sector, university and public authorities, which will lead to new strategies in the field of sustainable water resources development!”, stakeholder from the private water technology company in the region remarked at the end of his presentation.

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Development Agency (North-East RDA) in Iasi on October 26, 2018, starting at 10:00 am.