At the habour promenade of the famous English city Liverpool, the ITHACA project partner NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group will host the first Exchange of Experience and Peer Evaluation (EEPE) on 4th and 5th April. This will be two inspiring days focusing on health care innovation in Liverpool.

During the two days of EEPE, the project partners and stakeholders will be introduced to Health, Care and Innovation in Liverpool. They will learn more about innovation and health care from a strategic and political perspective and how innovative solutions are a part of the primary and secondary health care organisations.

The host introduces the project partners and stakeholders to LCR Smart Specialisation Strategy with a focus on The Healthy Liverpool Plan, Driving a Digital Future and the Digital Care and Innovation Programme. There will be a session on how the gaming and app industry in Liverpool design and produce innovative health care solutions.

In the afternoon, a session follows focusing on innovative secondary care. During this session, the participants have the opportunity to experience a new hospital created in an innovative design. They will visit Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and hear how innovation and creative thinking has contributed to the creation of a new and modern children's hospital. During this session, they will also learn a lot more about the use of living labs, eco-systems and the city Region eHealth Cluster.

On 5th April the day starts in the Liverpool Innovation Park and the themes for the day is Innovation and Primary Care and Peer Evaluation. The focus is on ‘Scaling up telehealth’ and Telecare in Liverpool. This will include examples of home-based e-medicare and GP prescription as well as ambient fall detection.

Thursday 6th April the NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group will host the second Steering Group meeting and ETF meeting. During the SG meeting, the partners will discuss the partnership agreement and the final ITHACA handbook. The communication partner will elaborate on the communication strategy and communication with stakeholders and eco-systems. Last but not least, the meeting will focus on the planning of the Kick Off Event in Noord-Brabant in the Autumn.

ETF core group will report on the first EEPE meeting and will update the project partners on ETF activities including the second EEPE in Roskilde in September.