This interregional overview can be used as a guide by key regional stakeholders involved in policymaking and regional strategy development.

During the learning journey of the ITHACA Interreg Europe project the Expert Task Force has co-designed a framework strategy for innovating and scaling up smart health and care solutions. It can be used as an inspirational guide by regional stakeholders who are involved in policymaking and regional strategy development in the field of innovation and scaling up of smart health and care solutions.

The key elements of the framework strategy are:

1. How policy makers can help strengthen innovation and how “innovation actors” can influence policy makers;

2. How regional actors can strengthen innovation by connecting better to regional actors – in what we call regional and extra-regional ecosystems;

3. How to ensure implementation of innovation along the innovation cycle.


ITHACA’s framework strategy synthesis the ITHACA project partners and stakeholders learned lessons and evidence on how to innovate and scaling up smart health and care solutions. This strategy reflect the evidence identified and generated from the lessons learned, recommendations and good practices flowing from the nine self assessments, exchange of experiences and peer evaluation events and case study reports. These have been carried out in all nine regions involved. Besides that evidence has been derived from literature reviewing, collaborative working at ITHACA events and the peer review of the Framework Strategy Content.

The document also explain key elements of the ITHACA projects methodology including  the interregional learning and exchange approach and recommendations for action planning.

Take a look and get inspired: