On 28th November 2019, in Eindhoven, the ITHACA partners got together for the last time before starting to implement their action plan. It was an interregional exchange event with focus on the projects key learnings: how we ensure our institutions and stakeholders continue to learn, how to make sure that we can live up to the constant changing challenges in the society and how to make sure that the ITHACA partners and stakeholders know how to set good indicators for quality assessment - especially for when implementing our regional action plan, developed during the ITHACA Project.

The first part of the workshop focused on the impact tool that has been develop over the course of three years in the 1st Phase of the project. The Impact tool has given the ITHACA partners and stakeholders a good overview - especially the partners that are not necessarily familiar with impact assessment - on how build common targets and assessment values in a complex eco-system where multiple stakeholders has very different interest. The impact tool will be published on ITHACA's website in the beginning of 2020.

The key message of the second workshop, was making people reflect about their role in their organization and about their working habits with the goal of making them reflect on how they can be an ambassador within their organization. An ambassador primary task is to ensure new knowledge and information is not lost; remind people to change space and get out of the country and learn from others; help people with being curious and open-minded; ensure people from outside are invited to share best practices; create space where you also help others to be curious and start searching for other perspectives.

We invite you to be this kind of ambassador!