Project good practices

The Basque Country Integrated Care Strategy

Summary: The aim of strategy is to merge hospital and primary care structures under one single organization, focusing on clinical and functional integration.

Location: País Vasco, Spain (España)

The Basque Country eHealth Strategy

Summary: The strategy describes all tools develop to create the scenario need to make the eHealth a reality and overcome the barriers observed in the Basque Country.

Location: País Vasco, Spain (España)

Living In Place Innovation Infrastructure: LebensPhasenHaus (LPH)

Summary: The LPH provides a space for research, co-creation, experimentation, testing, demonstration and knowledge transfer with respect to living in place and AAL.

Location: Tübingen, Germany (Deutschland)

Senioren Technik Begleiter (Senior Technology Advisors/ STAs)

Summary: STAs increase awareness, inform and educate the public on topics related to living in place with the aid of social and technical innovations.

Location: Tübingen, Germany (Deutschland)

Slowcare: Meaningful care in a healing environment for people...

Summary: SlowCare has energy neutral residential and day-care facilities with meaningful care in a healing environment for people with profound multiple disabilities.

Location: Noord-Brabant, Netherlands (Nederland)

Verspild Talent/ Wasted Talent

Summary: The aim is to reduce the waste of talents of people with (any kind of) disability and help them in finding long-term and purposeful employment.

Location: Other, Afghanistan

Active Citizens & Digital Champions

Summary: Citizen directed volunteering to a) improve "health" policy understanding of citizen assets and b) increase citizen appetite for active/healthy living & ageing

Location: Merseyside, United Kingdom

Comprehensive strategy and policy framework for innovation in...

Summary: This practice drives a comprehensive agenda for innovation in health, care and well-being. It sets out Liverpool City Region approach to smart health & care.

Location: Merseyside, United Kingdom

The Health Profile

Summary: The Health Profile is an interactive website with videos, where patients and relatives speak about their personal experiences with specific chronic diseases.

Location: Sjælland, Denmark (Danmark)

Active Patient Support

Summary: Active Patient Support assists patients, who find it hard to cope with their challenges, to take better care of themselves and increase their quality of life.

Location: Sjælland, Denmark (Danmark)

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