Project good practices

E-care / E-oskrba

Summary: Smart system of integrated health care and home care in Slovenia

Location: Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)

INSP social economic practise

Summary: Social economic practise to increase wellbeing and the ability to manage life, especially by young people driven by a mixture of staff and volunteers.

Location: Sjælland, Denmark (Danmark)

The Brabant Outcomes FUnd

Summary: The Brabant Outcomes Fund is a public/private financing methodology to stimulate the scaling of impactdriven enterprises.

Location: Noord-Brabant, Netherlands (Nederland)

Pole aidant/aidé - The Center of resources for caregivers

Summary: The resource center provides to caregivers a place for respite, to share and learn about their experience as carers.

Location: Limousin, France

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ReSantéVous Innovate with older people

Summary: ReSanté-Vous focuses on non pharmacological apporach providing professionals specialized in rehabilitation and accompaniment of the person in nursing homes.

Location: Poitou-Charentes, France

CEZAR centre for telehealth (telemedicine) services

Summary: CEZAR provides support to patients with long-terms conditions – diabetes type 2 (DM2) and/or heart failure (HF), to better self-manage their disease at home.

Location: Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)

Simbioza BTC City Lab

Summary: Simbioza Lab, the first living lab is Slovenia, is a hub for smart technologies, solutions, devices and products for users aged over 55.

Location: Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)

Open Competition for NGOs in Pro-Health Education for Adults 50+

Summary: The GP concerns an open competition for NGOs to organise education activities for Adults 50+ to raise their awareness about active and healthy ageing.

Location: Małopolskie, Poland (Polska)

Science, Technology and Innovation Plan (STIP) EUSKADI 2020

Summary: STIP Euskadi 2020 plan is aligned with a growth strategy for this decade Europe 2020 Strategy set up by EU.

Location: País Vasco, Spain (España)

RIS3 (Biosciences-health priority)

Summary: The Basque smart specialization strategy has identified Biosciences-health, among other, as priority areas.

Location: País Vasco, Spain (España)

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