Region Zealand hosts the second EEPE, sharing their policy context, ecosystem development and profile, whereafter peer evaluators will present their feedback. The second Exchange of Experience and Peer Evaluation event (EEPE) will start with an evening briefing of visiting delegates about the peerreview process and their specific tasks and responsibilities during and after the EEPE.

Day 1 focuses on the host region’s strategy and policy context, ecosystem development and profile. The afternoon sessions will highlight the host region’s “Living lab” Infrastructure and its cocreation, realworld testing and validation process together with concrete exemplars of smart health and care solutions emerging from it.

On day 2 participants will focus on the route to Market and Scaling Up, Public Procurement and Consumer Market stages of the innovation cycle. Effectively, the host region will export and share its experience. During the final afternoon peer evaluators will prepare and present their feedback to the host region (on their respective themes). The concluding, and interactive, peer evaluation seminar will involve visiting delegates and hosts.

The Expert Task Force, drawing on the EEPE, key documentation and peer evaluator feedback, will draft an evaluation report in the month thereafter.