Stakeholder meeting on Vlieland  

All participants received the Manual of the Tipping Approach and they were asked to respond to the Dutch Action Plan. Mr. Zwart (stakeholder of Schiermonnikoog) informed the group about his learning points of the Azores meeting. Mr. Jantzen of the Energy Academy gave his vision on Citizens, Jobs, Buildings, Land and Energy on Vlieland.  Stakeholder of Texel, mrs Lewtas gave some new ideas energy and foodsavings for Sustainable Turism on islands. Future projects were also discussed. Stakeholder of Vlieland Mr. Bajic showed us around in the brand new and sustainable brewery of Vlieland. 

Brewery as a Tipping Guide Example 

As of winter 2019, the island of Vlieland (Fryslan, The Netherlands)  will have its own brewery. Only local ingredients such as oyster filet, seaweed, dune herbs and Vlieland’s own high-quality natural dune water will be used. The location, annex to a special protected nature area, has been granted by the local nature governance organization, “Staatsbosbeheer”. Small theatre and film productions and performances will be integrated into the activities of the brewery. Due to a substantial regional grant from the “Waddenfonds”, and support from many local organizations, the island-based entrepreneur Bojan Bajic, with support from colleagues from the Frisian mainland, has been able to develop this unique local produce annex local nature and culture experience.