Samso held a university workshop for 45 students of municipal planning. They gave many advices to overcome the island’s depopulation. Students from Aalborg University met at Samso for two days. The workshop was part of their curriculum, so they had to work while also socialising. Islands of Innovation, Samso, compiled a program concerning municipal planning on Samso. The students made suggestions for an action plan regarding the effect of innovation on depopulation.

Several suggestions concerned how to attract young people to the Island. One student proposed to investigate what an Island of 'oldies' can offer to an age group below 60 years. Another suggested to improve the branding of spare-time activities - such as outdoor life - and the more than 100 registered interest communities (associations). A third student proposed to create internship jobs to attract young people. The group agreed that Samso is in a position to create a ‘green’ branding of companies by means of renewable energy, organic farming and circular economy.

A final comment was that the Island is too closed during the winter season: there must be action all year round. There is indeed all-year-round action for the locals. However, the locals create it themselves - that is why locals think Samso is a nice place to live.

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