SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FOR A LIVELY REGION The world is changing rapidly. Sustainability and digitization pose challenges for regions. We need to work smarter, use fewer resources and make the economy low-carbon. This has an effect on various sectors: from agriculture to industry, from care to transport and energy. The North sees these trends as an opportunity and wants to help shape the transition tasks that come with sustainability and digitization. We want to build a society that is future-proof in several ways:   

Sustainable: economical handling of raw materials, water and air. Limiting CO2 emissions and more sustainable use of our natural capital. Smart: responding to the chances of the digital revolution. Transition in, and crossovers between, economic sectors. We are the Living Lab of Europe. Social inclusive: allowing all citizens to participate and benefit. Optimal development and utilization of our human capital, both individually and in cooperation. Education, empowerment, community spirit.

A NORTH-NETHERLANDS REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY We want to solve societal challenges in the area of people, planet and profit in cohesion and thereby strengthen the social and economic structure. Government, industry, knowledge institutions and social organizations are now working on a regionally programmed steering agenda as the basis for a coherent deployment of available resources after 2020

By linking private and public resources (regional, national and European), we are going to realize breakthroughs on the societal challenges. We want to be able to use the European structural and investment funds intended for this purpose in a regionally programmed way: Interreg, HORIZON, ERDF, CAP (POP) and ESF. In short: we are now working to no longer have a Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS) since 2020, but a Regional Development Strategy (ROS). With this, the Northern Netherlands can offer even better solutions to global challenges.