In September 2017, Vlieland was named one of the ten most sustainable municipalities in the Netherlands, which provides a great opportunity to celebrate the success and experience gained, and scale this up through Vlieland’s involvement in the European Islands of Innovation project. Vlieland needs to use this momentum and get started with tangible and achievable projects in the short-term. The vision and interventions derived from this study offer a robust and targeted headstart to the circular transition of the island.

Vlieland, the smallest inhabited island of the Dutch Wadden Islands in the North of the Netherlands, is at a crossroads. Since 2007, the island has made strides to realize its (and the other Wadden Islands) ambition to become fully sustainable and energy self-sufficient by 2020. The energy transition on the island is well under way, and therefore it is time for Vlieland to move beyond energy and emissions and tackle its next challenge: the transition to a circular economy.

Simon Tijsma, project leader of Islands of Innovation, helpt Methabolic with their report. Read the full report here.