DRAE and the collaboration of the Regional Fund for Science and Technology (FRCT) promoted the second meeting of the Regional Stakeholder Group in Lagoa of Sao Miguel's Science an Technology Park.

3 groups filled the corresponding TIPPING Wheels. All facilitators and participants met for:

  1. presentation of the raw results;
  2. planning for the dissemination of final results among participants;
  3. timeline of future project’s activities.

The TIPPING Wheel analysis was carried out among three working groups related with the three RIS3 priority areas for the archipelago: Agriculture and Agribusiness (WG1); Fisheries and Sea (WG2); and Tourism (WG3). For that purpose, the analysis was performed in a Present/Future perspectieve.

Observations tabel 1

  1. The entities from the area “Agriculture and Agribusiness” have a better opinion about the current innovation policy (highest values 5/8 indicators), in contrast with “Tourism” (3/8) and “Fisheries and Sea” (1/8);
  2. The same trend was observed for the Future, where the entities from “Agriculture and Agribusiness” are more optimistic (highest values for 6/8 indicators) than those from “Tourism” (3/8) and “Fisheries and Sea” (2/8);
  3. Taking into consideration the average for all indicators, “Agriculture and Agribusiness” registered the highest values for present (2.38) and future (3.69), whereas “Fisheries and Sea” presented the lowest ones (2.00 for present, 3.13 for future).


It was important to notice the high interest and enthusiasm of the participants, who created an atmosphere of debate and open dialogue that often went beyond the thematic. Moreover, the participants were very committed in sharing their experiences and knowledge about innovation.