INVALIS is an Interreg EUROPE project, bringing together 7 partners from 7 countries, to improve their environmental policies, by supporting policy measures for the prevention, early detection and control of Invasive Alien Species (IAS).

During the 1st interregional workshop of the INVALIS project, which took place in Corsica, April 2019. Mr PAOLINI, from the Region of Corsica (CDC) elaborated on IAS issues and the INVALIS expected impact.

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Mr ZAGARS, a Latvian stakeholder invited by the project partner "Zemgale Planning Region" highlighted how the INVALIS project can facilitate IAS management efforts in Latvia.

Ms GIGLEUX FREDON, from "FREDON Corse" elaborated on palm trees white bugs issues in the Region of Corsica and presented good practices in tackling this issue.