The Algarve Evolution association, which brings together several Algarve companies in the technology area, was officially presented on September 12th, at “Lab Terrace”, on the terrace of the Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve, in Faro.

Simultaneously, the event was also the opportunity to present the ALGARVE TECH HUB trademark and concept.

Algarve Evolution is a private non-profit association, registered in 2018, aggregating the main companies from the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) area of the Algarve, aind aiming to develop and strengthen the regional innovation ecosystem, namely trough the creation of a technology community, under the umbrella of a trademark - ALGARVE TECH HUB. 

Representatives of the 29 associated companies, as well as other entities that integrate the ALGARVE TECH HUB community attended the presentation, namely the University of Algarve, the Managing Authority, Municipalities, Tourism Agency, and the Portuguese Agency for SME and Innovation (IAPMEI).

Algarve Evolution was born from the will of several regional private SME’s in the ICT sector that aim to contribute towards a smart destination, arguing the relevance for the Algarve to diversify its economic fabric, transforming itself into a more developed, resilient and economically sustainable region, every day, all year round.

The association also argues upon the need to invest in pedagogical innovation and in the creation and exchange of knowledge, both between companies and between academia and the business world, in order to attract foreign investment and know-how, retain young talents and encourage the increase of qualified jobs in the region, as a way of increasing regional critical mass.

Algarve Evolution is also an integral part of the Algarve Systems and Technology Partnership (ASTP), which brings together various public entities such as the University of the Algarve (UAlg), National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, Docapesca, and the Municipalities of Faro, Loulé and Olhão.

The fostering of a regional ecosystem of innovation, sustained by a close connection among research and development, the private companies and the regional stakeholders, and anchored in the acceleration capacity of the Algarve Tech Park, is framed among the actions of INTRA project, aiming to benefit SMEs in overcoming their internationalisation challenges and barriers, and increasing cooperation among the stakeholders. Therefore, these actions are being supported in Phase 1 and monitored in Phase 2 of INTRA. 

Prepared by H. F. Barros