Home made fashion protective equipment

Before and after Covid-19 is the time connected with the CHANGE. The first thought was: “Not only travelling but also living will never be the same again”. Thinking just about the scarf as one of the favourite fashion accessories. "We realized that we would need to feel a need for special protection, without giving up the scarf as a fashion statement. The logical solution seemed to be combining the MASK and the SCARF", says Tatjana Kalamar Morales, outstanding Slovenian designer.

" Protection and beauty don’t need to be separated. TISAscarf can give you both", adds Ivan Škrlec. 

"For the beginning, there are 2 scarves. People with some sewing skills could make it at home. 

Thinking out of the box. It seems that ideas of masks are in the air, but only time will bring better solutions to be in use"  thinks Ivan Šrklec. 

" TISA scarves can give you multifunctional look. We are looking forward to making the video with tutorials – about sawing and styling. For the companies customization can be possible as well offers with special packages (with filters)" says Ivan Škrlec. 

"It is important to be part of the movement, of solution. It is important to act and to dare", says Amna Potočnik, INTRA PM.

We invite you to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX1WE7QiA3c