In August 2019 the Intra Action plan for Extremadura was signed by José Matías Sánchez González, Deputy Director Manager of Extremadura Avante S.L.U. and Mr Antonio Verde Cordero, Managing Director of the Foundation FUNDECYT Scientific and Technological Park of Extremadura.

The Action plan for Internationalisation of regional SMEs in Extremadura region in Spain is based on the generated knowledge during the first phase of INTRA project, in particular, the observed good practices, their evaluation and validation in the interregional partnership as well as their regions. The "E-commerce Advisers" good practice observed in West-Midlands during the study visit was the main inspiration by the Action plan preparation in the Extremadura region, taking into account the needs and obstacles the regional SMEs are facing in their internationalisation endeavours. 

The INTRA Action plan in Extremadura will be implemented by Extremadura Avante, a public company of the Regional Government of Extremadura, which is providing services and financial aid to the SMEs such as info, consulting, training, grants and subsidies.

Extremadura Avante will in the following two years provide expertise on e-commerce (e-marketing, e-commerce, e-marketplaces etc.) on individual as well as on the group level of SMEs and will assist them in preparation of Digital Business Strategy/Plan, facilitate the delivery of other internationalisation services and seek agreements/contracts with public bodies to offer more beneficial conditions to companies at the e-Marketplaces. The activity will be carried out within the framework of the Alimentos de Extremadura (, a regional brand that promotes delicious food from the unique region.

In order to succeed and reach as many SMEs as possible, Extremadura Avante S.L.U. will be supported by the Regional Government of Extremadura as well as by FUNDECYT-PCTEX.

The INTRA Action Plans can be downloaded at

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