In the framework of INTRA project the Lead Partner – Maribor Development Agency (MDA) - organized the second regional stakeholder meeting in Maribor, hosting representatives of: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology (SPIRIT Slovenia), The Public Fund of Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship, Slovenian Export and Development Bank (SID Bank), Post of Slovenia, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Štajerska, Institute for Entrepreneurship Research, Multidisciplinary Research Institute Maribor, Styria Technology Park, TechnoCenter of the University of Maribor (with Raz:UM) and Association of Regional Development Agency of Slovenia (RRA GIZ). 

As there were already two study visits organized within the INTRA project, the MDA’s project team presented the visited good practices and shared the gained experience with the stakeholders. Jointly the stakeholders validated some of the identified practices that would be interesting for transfer between the regions.

Next an overview of organizations and their fields of SME support was held, which showed that some of the needs identified among SMEs are not addressed by any of the regional or national organization supporting internationalization, while there is strong offer in some other fields, making the services somewhat redundant.

With the collected proposals for the solution that would bridge the gap, 4 concrete suggestions were agreed upon and the initial processes for their realization will commence before the conclusion of the month.

The response of the participants were extremely positive, expressing commitment to achieving synergy in implementing the proposed suggestions.


You can access the full report in INTRA project library.