On Monday, February 13th, 2017 Maribor Development Agency (MDA) – the lead partner of the INTRA project – has organized its second intraorganizational meeting (iORG), where experienced gathered during the INTRA project was shared with the colleagues of other departments within MDA, specifically with the department of regional development and the European Enterprise Network.

The two main points that were presented at the iORG were:

1) Overview of the mechanisms of good practice examples on the case of Interreg Europe

2) Knowledge sharing about good practices of Internationalization in other project regions: Varna (BG) and Estremadura (ES).

The staff members of MDA were identifying synergies between the presented practices and the programmes they are conducting in other areas, chiefly with the training programme of young entrepreneurs PVSP, where a gap between the needs and the mechanism provided were exposed, and the self-sufficiency initiative within the region, where several potentials for internationalization were identified.

You can find the complete report in our project library.