Dear INTRA followers and stakeholders,

We would like to inform you that the contact details of our Bulgarian partners have changed, as our esteemed colleague, dr. Dimitar Radev has retired as the active head of RAPIV, but will still follow the project with interest and commitment as an active member of the Management Board.

 At this point we would like to wish our friend and colleague Dimitar to enjoy his earned retirement and to stay as inquisitive as ever.

 Also, at this point we would like to welcome dr. Ralista Zhekova, the new executive director of RAPIV, on board the INTRA team.

 I would also like to take the liberty to share some more personal thoughts from other INTRA partners, as all of us wish Dimitar all the best:

 “I am deeply sorry that you are leaving our project. Let me thank you for all your work, support and the friendship that we developed.”


 “It was our pleasure to have the opportunity to meet you and cooperate all along this time.

Please have our warmest thank you for everything along this time.”


 “It is a pity to hear your news, although I am happy for you and I hope you'll enjoy your more that deserved retirement!!!!”


“I join all our colleagues to say that it was a pleasure to work with you. Projects meetings without you won't be the same!!!”


“I want to take this opportunity to remember all the things we did together and the decades in which we have collaborated in various projects; you enriched me and I have often tried to copy your sense of competence, quiet and irony.”