Today CUE Ltd held an Intra-Organisational learning meeting, which gave the INTRA team the opportunity to furnish the group with an update of recent activities in the INTRA project . An overview of the recent second round visit to Badajoz where it was explained that stakeholders were able to deepen their understanding of the chosen good practices. There was an agreement that there was particular scope for improving current regional programmes especially in the area of digital. The team confirm that they will be exploring this potential opportunity further in the next Regional Stakeholder meeting where Coventry City council representatives would be present. It was then noted that the project would then be moving on to Phase 2 where the region is required to develop a set of policy recommendations which are then implemented through regional actions plans.

The project team then took the opportunity to discuss the agenda for the inward second round study visit to Coventry later that week and it was agreed that staff would be available to help host the INTRA partners and stakeholders from Maribor, Varna, Badajoz & Pescara who had chosen some of the West Midlands Good Practices to explore in more detail with the potential of them being transferred back in to their respective regions.