The 5th Regional Stakeholders Group for the INTRA project was held in L’Aquila, in the legal headquarter of Capitank.  Participants were representatives of the members of the Capitank Pole of Innovation, particularly: 

• A. Menarini – Big Enterprise in pharmaceutical; 

• Assut Europe – Medium Enterprises in production of medical devices;

• Azienda Farmaceutica Italiana – Small Enterprise in commerce of pharmaceutical products;

• BME – small enterprise in biomaterials research;

• Comecer – medium enterprise in engineering for pharma productive plants;

• CSA team – small enterprise in environmental services;

• Dompé farmaceutici spa – big enterprise in pharmaceutical and research;

• Gruppo Metron: small enterprise in services for growth and innovation;

• Hortus Novus: small enterprise in services for health and nutrition;

• Life Meter: small enterprise in research and innovation in health sector;

• Novatec – small enterprise in mechanical and automation engineering;

• NrgSys – small enterprise in IT services and software;

• Nucleo Cure Primarie: small consortium of professionals in health services;

• Platiunm P S - small enterprise in pharma services;

• Smartly - small enterprise in IT services and software;

• SPH group – Small enterprise in engineering for pharma productive plants;

• TaiProra - small enterprise in engineering and IT services;

• University of L’Aquila;

• University of Chieti – Pescara.

All the participants are already aware of the INTRA project and the activities carried out so far; in particular, as part of his presentation, President Alesse reports on the progress of the project and announces that the Second Round of Study Visit is starting.

This will be useful to deepen some of the good practices identified and, in particular, it was decided to involve stakeholders in visits to Portugal and England.

In fact, both the University of the Algarve and Coventry University Enterprise have shown, with their own good practices, to have different points in common with the experience of Capitank.

Moreover, the University of Algarve Coventry University Enterprise have always shown interest in the good practices shown by Capitank and will visit Abruzzo presumably in the next month of September .