The Regional Stackeholders’ Group in Extremadura (Spain) was convened to a meeting on the 23rd February in the Science and Technology Park of Extremadura. The objective of the RSG meeting was to show them the last Good Practices presented in Conventry during December 2017, as well as to analyse the transferability aspects of the GPs in order to be able to select the more interesting ones for the second round of Study Visits.


Participants were reported about the following steps in the project, which is the selection of the more interesting Good Practices by each partner in order to make a second Study Visit to obtain more detailed information, and give feedback on the policy recommendations prepared by Fundecyt-Pctex. After a brief discussion, all participants agreed that the GPs presented in Conventry were the most interesting and transferable.


Finally, Lucila Castro Rovillard informed the attendees that Extremadura has been selected for the 2nd Study Visit by at least two partners of the INTRA project. The Study Visit to Extremadura will be held in the first week of June 2018. The RSG members involved in the selected GPs are willing to get involved in the design of the most suitable agenda for all.