Today (27/03/17) CUE Ltd led an Intra-Organisational learning event, which enabled the transfer of knowledge gathered from the INTRA project so far. This event was attended by colleagues many of whom were new to CUE ltd and as such where not aware of the project and its aims.

The INTRA project team began the event with a welcome presentation giving a general overview of the Interreg Europe Programme as well as the Intra Project. The aims and objectives were discussed which led to colleagues questioning what the expected results of the project are in terms of regional SMEs accessing new markets.

CUE Ltd is involved in many projects that are actively supporting regional SMEs and as a consequence staff members are actively engaged with regional stakeholders, various b2b meetings, Department of International trade, European Europe Network and as a results can actively help with the dissemination of project results as well as contribute their experiences and provide potential synergies between active projects.