Regional and national stakeholders attended the 4th RGS meeting in Maribor on February 15th, either in person or through online tools.

The participants at the meeting came from the following three helixes, with representatives of:

a) Government/Authority – Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of Republic of Slovenia (MGRT), The Public Fund of Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship (SPS), Municipality of Maribor (MOM);

b) Companies – Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Of Štajerska (ŠGZ), Institute for Entrepreneurship Research (IRP), Multidisciplinary Research Institute Maribor (MRIMB);

c) Academia – TechnoCenter of the University of Maribor (with Raz:UM);

At the meeting the stakeholders validated the GPs presented during the final two study visits of the first round (Algarve and West-Midlands). All 24 GPs were validated.

Regional stakeholders agreed with the proposed policy recommendation and stressed it is important to include the representative of MGRT in the second round study visits.

Next RSG meeting in person is to be held within next half a year, with online communication among the stakeholders in the between period. 

You can access the full report in INTRA project library .