In the framework of INTRA project the Lead Partner – Maribor Development Agency (MDA) - organized the third regional stakeholder meeting in Maribor, hosting representatives of: Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology (SPIRIT Slovenia), The Public Fund of Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship, Slovenian Export and Development Bank (SID Bank), Regional Chamber of Crafts and Small Business, Institute for Entrepreneurship Research, Multidisciplinary Research Institute Maribor, TechnoCenter of the University of Maribor (with Raz:UM), Agency for International Marketing and Association of Regional Development Agency of Slovenia (RRA GIZ).

As there was interest in the feedback on Slovenian cases that were confirmed during the previous RSG meeting, an evaluation of all 21 cases presented to the partnership during the study visit to Maribor, were presented.

Next the cases presented in Abruzzo region were summarized for the regional stakeholders, as well as the additional cases from Bulgaria. 

With the State of Affairs document being in the final stages of completion, feedback from regional data were presented, including the survey feedback from both support institutions and SMEs of Podravje region.

Furthermore, new initiatives and projects concerning internationalization were presented.

The main focus, however, was on the model to support internationalization, that the region will set up. There was a strong call for top down regulation, which would clearly define the fields each of the stakeholders will cover and also show the gaps within the regional support system, as well as on the relationship between the regional and national support systems.

The response of the participants were positive, especially their engagement in the workshop discussions and proposing suggestions.


You can access the full report in INTRA project library