Maribor Development Agency, the lead partner of project INTRA (programme Interreg Europe) proposed changes to the OP for implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 in East Slovenia. As the result, the Ministry for Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia prepared the Internationalisation vouchers.


Albin Škalic, the CEO of Murales, said: »The Republic of Slovenia has dedicated itself to support the wood producing industry. The biggest support is to make our products competitive on the foreign markets. Vouchers help present our products abroad and contribute to our competitiveness. « 

The company MURALES was established in 1989, based wood production with over 60 years of tradition. The core business is the production of dining room seating furniture, chairs, tables, corner benches and solid wood dining room display cabinets. The company exports to various countries in Europe (both EU member states and outside EU), as well as to the North American market. Their vision is to become the leading producer and seller of solid-wood furniture of the highest quality. 

In 2019 they applied for the voucher for participation at an economic delegation abroad in the worth of 2.092,28 EUR. As part of the delegation, they were able to tighten the business contacts abroad and further promote their products. 

Continuous promotion of the product, and demonstration of its quality, is the key factor in keeping ahead of low budget (and also low quality) products. Therefore it is important for Murales to keep presenting and promoting their well established products, to stay competitive on the global markets of Europe and North America.